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PowerPoint Instruction: Understanding DISC Personality Styles (Download)

PowerPoint Instruction: Understanding the 4D Personality System (Download)

StudentKeys Leader’s Guide: Cognitive Thinking (Hardcopy)

StudentKeys Leader’s Guide: Cognitive Thinking (Hardcopy)

Managing Stress Course (online)

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Managing Stress with DISC behavioral principles

The Managing Stress course utilizes DISC behavioral principles for equipping you to manage stress for yourself, your coaching or counseling clients, as a leader with your team, or anyone experiencing stress in their life. In this course, you will learn the following:

  • What stress is and the different types of stress one experiences
  • Facts vs Myths of stress
  • How the DISC styles react to stress
  • Recognizing stress signals in yourself and others
  • Six steps to take for managing stress
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Managing Stress Course (online)

Applying DISC behavioral analysis to stress management has never been made easier. This course will cover the basics of stress and how one can apply DISC behavioral analysis to understanding what triggers their stress and others, and how to utilize that knowledge for managing stress.

The course syllabus includes the following:

  1. Stress and personality – What is stress, types of stress, stress reactions, and personality styles
  2. How to complete your DISC assessment
  3. How the different DISC styles react to stress
  4. Exploring facts vs myths of stress
  5. Managing stress toolbox: The cycle of stress, the Forbes Continuum, and recognizing stress signals
  6. Stress management checklist: The six steps to take for managing stress

Integrating this course in your business will help:

  • Retain top talent by keeping them productive and healthy
  • Employees to maintain a healthy life balance
  • Optimize team performance
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