Christian Ministry Coaching


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Christian Ministry Coaching is an online training course that utilizes the DISC Personality System to help individuals understand and appreciate their strengths and limitations in order to grow their relationships with God and others. Led by Dr. Sandy Kulkin, founder of The Institute for Motivational Living and co-founder of PeopleKeys, this course provides a unique blend of humor and personal experience to motivate and enhance human behavior.

The course includes a comprehensive syllabus covering topics such as personality styles at a glance, contributing factors to personality, and a deep dive into DISC personality styles. The Trust Model and personality style orientation and preferences (task vs people, active vs passive) are also discussed. The course is designed to be easy-to-read and understand, and includes downloadable materials to make learning about the DISC Personality System enjoyable.

Upon purchase, you will take the DISC assessment and receive a downloadable and printable workbook PDF to follow along with the course. You will also be able to download a Certificate of Completion PDF to showcase your achievement. Whether you are a Christian ministry leader or simply seeking to better understand yourself and others, this course provides valuable insights and practical applications.

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