Pro-Sold Training Course (Online)


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The Pro-Sold Training Course is an innovative and effective solution for sales teams looking to close deals faster and increase their success rate. Unlike traditional sales training that offers generic tips and tricks, the Pro-Sold approach provides a seven-step process to develop a customized sales strategy that promotes individual ownership and buy-in at all levels.

Developed by industry experts Bradley Smith, Ph.D. and Sanford G. Kulkin, Ph.D., with over 70 years of combined experience, the Pro-Sold method combines proven concepts like the PeopleKeys DISC system of behavioral analysis with current sales methods to create a comprehensive and effective sales planning guide.

With the Pro-Sold Training Course, you will learn how to prospect effectively, build rapport with potential customers, obtain their commitment, demonstrate the value of your product or service, overcome objections, close the deal, and deliver on your promises. By following this simple but powerful process, you and your team can achieve greater success in sales and increase your bottom line.

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