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Pro-Sold Workbook (Hardcopy)

Pro-Sold Workbook (Hardcopy)

Trainers Toolbox: DISC Buttons

Trainers Toolbox: DISC Buttons

DISC Team Wheel (Cloth Banner)

DISC Wheel for training and coaching

Use the DISC Team Wheel to immensely improve group collaboration and communication effectiveness within your team training or coaching. This unique, insight-generating visual comes with an in-depth description for use. Realize together, what the team naturally emphasizes -- the natural strengths and tendencies of the team alongside their limitations and blind spots, where the team needs to put extra energy in to be and stay successful. The DISC Team Wheel is also great for use in personal coaching.

***Limited stock available. This product is custom made to order and may become backordered. Please allow up to three weeks for production and delivery.***

Choose the size that best fits your need or classroom in the drop-down below.

The base price for the 80 cm x 80 cm banner is $200. Selecting a different size will automatically update the pricing.

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The DISC Team Wheel is the ultimate training tool that will transform the way your participants view and learn about DISC. This 360 degree view of the four main D, I, S and C personality styles, along with the primary-secondary style blends, provides a colorful presentation for understanding how each behavioral style or blend relates to or opposes another. It also makes visually clear that a team, an organization or an individual, also needs to pay attention to opposite styles to be most effective in reaching results with a high level of trust and team spirit. Visually map and discuss the unique personality traits of the different styles with that of your participants. The DISC Team Wheel will greatly enhance the way you view team collaboration and focus on communication priorities.

Includes the DISC team wheel cloth banner of your choice and how-to brochure.

Choose the cloth banner size best for your training needs:

  • Size 1: 80 cm x 80 cm (approx. 31.5 in x 31.5 in) - Best used for small training groups or smaller classrooms.
  • Size 2: 105 cm x 105 cm (approx. 41.5 in x 41.5 in) - Best used in medium training classrooms.
  • Size 3: 235 cm x 235 cm (approx. 92.5 in x 92.5 in) - Best used in large training classrooms.
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