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Dynamics of Team Engagement: Harnessing the Power of PeopleKeys for Effective Recruitment, Relationship-building, and Competence.

Team engagement does not materialize out of thin air; it is a product of embodying the spirit of the PeopleKeys 4D Report, referred to as DISC D3 in the book. This approach demands collective effort from every team member, with a particular emphasis on leadership. Achieving significant engagement, taking ownership of goals, and avoiding disruptions like sudden job changes or sick leaves all hinge on skillfully navigating the nuances of personality differences. From strategic recruitment to seamless onboarding and everyday teamwork, our knowledge is applied to ensure the right hires, create a welcoming onboarding experience, and foster a shared commitment to our workplace.

"When I put DISC's behavior pattern on people I knew, it was like a bomb went off. I thought, wow, that's something. I like to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, so in the next step I began to translate this model of behavior into business. It turned out that the coherence is so great that I am able to predict how a person will behave in teamwork, what will drive them to action or what can motivate them, what style of communication they prefer, how they will behave in stressful situations, etc." - Robert Wójcik, Unit Managing Director in Bawaria Motors (BMW dealer)

This book unravels the importance of acknowledging personality differences and highlights the organizational areas where neglecting this aspect can be costly. We will delve into the practical application of the PeopleKeys 4D Report, exploring how to harness this behavioral model to foster an environment where engagement is not a battleground but rather a collective effort supporting each team member's high engagement, regardless of their role.

Please note: While this eBook is in English, it was originally published in Poland. Your eBook will contain a Polish link from Nexto.pl to download.

About the Authors

Bradley Smith, Ph.D. - A valued expert specializing in development of behavioral competence diagnosis tools; President of PeopleKeys and Director for development in The Institute for Motivational Living – which for many years has been successfully delivering effective online tools across the global market, including tests based on the DISC and PeopleKeys 4D Report model used in recruitment, employee development, and team performance improvement. Brad holds two patents in the field of engineering and four in the field of technologies used to diagnose behavior and match the right employees to the right workplaces. His PhD is focused on development of organizations.

Anna Sarnacka-Smith - HR consultant, business coach, Master Certified Behavioral Consultant. Anna applies the PeopleKeys 4D Report in business across the European market, strategic support in implementing this model for individual HR areas, supporting everyday work of teams and increasing the efficiency of processes, work methods after taking into account elements of their personalities and the impact it has on working as a team. The author of two additional books: Leader’s Everest (‘Everest lidera’) and The Power of Differences in a Team (‘Siła różnic w zespole’), Anna operates her Poland-based company, EFFECTIVENESS, remotely in the United States.

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