PowerPoint: Understanding DISC Personality Styles (Download)


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This PowerPoint training is a comprehensive resource for coaches, consultants, and organizations seeking to understand the DISC Personality System. The 81-slide presentation covers the development and methodology of the system, as well as the strengths, limits, and greatest fears of each of the four personality styles.

The product includes presenter notes for each slide, allowing trainers to customize the presentation for their needs. It can be used in conjunction with the Personality System Workbook, though the workbook does not include a DISC assessment.

A digital download of the PowerPoint in PPT and PPTX formats will be sent to the customer's email within 24 business hours of purchase. It is important to note that participants should take their DISC assessment before using the PowerPoint in a seminar.

The PowerPoint is a must-have for trainers and presenters looking to teach others about the DISC Personality System. It covers a range of topics, from the development of the system to behavioral principles, personal growth areas, and building effective relationships.

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