StudentKeys: Career Choice (Hardcopy)


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The StudentKeys: Career Choice workbook is a comprehensive assessment and career guidance tool designed for high school and college students. By identifying their occupational style using the abbreviated 15-question DISC Assessment, students can discover how their style is best fulfilled at work and explore career options that match their strengths.

In addition to providing career guidance, the Career Choice workbook also discusses and answers many questions facing students as they prepare to make a life-decision on what they wish to focus on as a career. It helps them maximize their strengths while minimizing any perceived limitations, and provides insights on 21st century workforce trends and job outlooks.

The workbook includes future job outlook and earnings forecast for many job clusters, making it a must-have for anyone in a career planning/transition phase of their life.

The Leaders' Guide is an optional handbook add-on for facilitating classroom learning sessions. The Career Choice workbook is also an individual component of the StudentKeys system, which helps students advance from high school or secondary school level to college or post-secondary and vocational levels. It also helps students already at the college level to excel academically.


Free standard shipping on all orders over $100 in the continental U.S.

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