Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC) Self-Study Course (Online)

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The Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC) Self-Study Course offered by PeopleKeys is a comprehensive training program that bundles two self-guided courses, Introduction to Behavioral Analysis and Advanced Behavioral Analysis, with TEAMS, Values, and Behavioral Attitudes. These courses provide the fundamental knowledge of DISC theory, how to apply it using the DISC personality system, and DISC graph interpretation based on real case studies.

Completed within the DigitalChalk learning platform, the CBC Course is self-paced and accessible 24x7. After completing each course, an online proficiency exam will be given. Students who pass both exams will be awarded a CBC certificate, which is required for any partner, reseller, distributor, or representative of PeopleKeys.

The CBC Self-Study Course is highly recommended for any consistent user of the DISC personality system who wants to deepen their understanding and application of DISC theory.

The CBC package also includes a dedicated online business portal preloaded with a starter pack of assessments, a 20% lifelong discount on all online and print products of PeopleKeys, and access to exclusive training webinars for PeopleKeys' Certified Behavioral Consultants.

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