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Using the DISC Hiring system when bringing new employees into your company is proven to increase an employee's job satisfaction and overall employee retention within the company. By using a DISC behavioral assessment when hiring, the hiring manager can assess personality traits such as communication style, contributions to a team, workplace style, leadership, organization, and detailing. If the DISC behavioral assessment is paired with a performance benchmark, which creates behavioral ranges for different personality traits required for the job, the hiring manager is more likely to make the right choice and hire an employee who will enjoy their job and be most productive and effective within the position due to their innate personality traits.

The Problem

Hiring new employees in today’s economy has changed as the economy suffers. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May of 2012 the unemployment rate was 8.2% with 12.7 million unemployed persons. This creates an entirely new cycle of hiring challenges within a company. First, with such an influx of applicants, how can Human Resources filter through and find the best candidate to hire? Secondly, with turnover being so expensive, how can one make the hire that will succeed within the company without costing the company further turnover or negatively affecting morale, which directly impact productivity?

Employee turnover is very costly to a company, making employee retention a fiscal goal for companies today. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates that it costs $3,500 to replace an $8 per hour employee when factoring the costs of recruiting, hiring, training, lost productivity, and lost sales. This was one of the lowest estimates of 17 nationally respected companies who calculated this cost! Other sources provide estimates of 30-50% of annual salary of entry-level employees, 150% of middle level employees, and up to 400% for specialized, high-level employees. With businesses also struggling in this economy, it is too expensive when you make a hiring mistake, which ultimately leads to employee turnover.

The Solution

The DISC Hiring System: Perfect Match Technology

The DISC Hiring System is a combination of giving each potential employee, or new hire, a DISC behavioral assessment and comparing the results to a Performance Benchmark, created by PeopleKeys, of the ideal personality traits and ranges for that position. This will help Human Resources in the areas of filtering down too many applicants to the best matches, making the best hire, and even placing an already existing employee into the areas where they will be most likely to experience job satisfaction and increased success. Combine DISC Behavioral Assessment and occupational benchmarks to the area of hiring, and hire right the first time, while increasing employee retention and morale.

  • Perfect Match Hiring for Business

  • Perfect Match Hiring for Sales & Customer Service

  • Perfect Match Hiring for Medical Practices

  • Perfect Match Hiring for Ministry

The DISC Hiring System: Customized DISC Hiring Packages

Through a PeopleKeys Assessment Portal, you can create your own hiring package. You can assess your employees either with a simple DISC Behavioral Assessment or a three-dimensional behavioral assessment called the DISC, with Thinking Styles and workplace Values Profiles. With this behavioral assessment (including 3 different tests, but one comprehensive report), you will be able to learn not only about one's personality traits and predictable behaviors, but also their thinking style and how that will contribute to working in a team and their internal workplace motivators, which directly impacts how one makes decisions. PeopleKeys also offers reports such as Sales Style and Workplace Style, which will give you great insight into the strengths and needs of potential employees.

Match the reports taken by your potential hires with a PeopleKeys performance benchmark. These can be created in three ways. First, you can contract PeopleKeys to create a specialized performance benchmark based specifically on the personality traits of others who have been successful within that position and PeopleKeys' assessment of the needs of the open position. Second, take the PeopleKeys Occupational Keys survey and work with PeopleKeys to create a customized benchmark based on your answers to the questions and PeopleKeys' assessment of the needs of the open position. Or third, use a PeopleKeys pre-existing performance benchmark created for that position or a position that is similar and within the same career cluster.

Contact PeopleKeys for a Customized DISC Hiring Solution.

Other DISC Hiring Solutions:

DISC Behavioral Assessment Reports are available through DISCInsights.com or through a PeopleKeys Assessment Portal. Even if you choose not to pair these profiles with performance benchmarks for a specific match, you will learn a great deal about a potential or current employee by using a DISC Behavioral Assessment.

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  • DISC Sales Style Profile

  • DISC Career Style Profile

  • 3D: DISC Personality Profile with Thinking and Values Styles

  • DISC Biblical Personality Profile

  • DISC Training, Level I - Introduction to Behavioral Analysis
  • DISC Certification, Level II - Advanced Behavioral Analysis
  • DISC Certified Behavioral Consultant (includes both Level I and Level II)
  • Online Webinars and Live Trainings
  • Teams & Values Online Training Course

Train a person in your office in the DISC Hiring or DISC Behavioral Assessment system. Learn multiple applications for DISC to increase job satisfaction within your office, increase moral, reduce conflict and stress, and increase overall employee retention.