DISC for Families Who Want to Create a Stronger Bond

Bring understanding in family communication by applying the DISC language

Just because a couple and children live together, doesn’t mean they understand one another. Families are melting pots of differing personality styles and sometimes they can boil over. As a family member you can easily improve communication and understanding while as a counselor or life coach you can work for deepen family bonds by applying the DISC language.

DISC may help families discover how to increase understanding of their closest people:

  • Explore each family member’s behavioral strengths, intensities, and communication preferences
  • Reveal parenting strategies that work for each child’s individual behavioral needs
  • Visualize perceived and actual behavioral styles and see how they change under stress
  • Realize personal blind spots, greatest fears, and communication pitfalls to avoid
  • Create action plans to encourage growth in weak relational areas

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Behavioral Tools for Understanding
Family Dynamics

DISC Profile

Reveal individual DISC style with the DISC Personality System Profile


Discover underlying passions and motivations of an individual with Behavioral Attitudes Index

Children's Report with Cognitive Thinking

Get a glimpse into the internal workings and motivators of your child (under 12) with DISC for Children


The Scholastic Success Report is intended to help students, parents and techers get in synch to design a student's best learning enviroment

Couples bundle

Recharge your relationship with mutual understanding, Biblical principles and better communication with the special Relationship Recharge Kit

Family dynamics are complex! Improve personal communication and relationships with DISC as a "family language"

Since people don’t come with owner’s manual, applying DISC will reveal behavioral insights for strengthening relationships with closest people.

In a perfect world, the home is a place one retreat at the end of the day to receive love, security and peace. But sometimes, family dynamics can make home a stress-filled place.

People may share the same living space or even the same features, but “behavioral understanding” is not always a given. Some family members have completely opposite personality styles. Revealing those styles, can make all the difference in improving interactions and strengthening family dynamics.

Benefits of using DISC as a "family language":

  • DISC diffuses personality clashes so that family members can stop taking specific behaviors personally.
  • DISC graphs illustrate intensities of behaviors, opposite behaviors, and red flags to avoid during interactions
  • DISC opens a healthy dialogue between family members to discuss behavioral likes, dislikes, and blind spots
  • Families can avoid hot button environments and ineffective communication tactics
  • Parents can target parenting, learning and delivery methods to the behavioral needs of each child
  • Families learn about behavioral diversity and empathy

The DISC assessment takes only 7 minutes to complete, but the powerful and practical insights gained may last a lifetime.