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The DISC Personality System

The DISC Personality System

Spiritual Gifts Inventory with DISC Overview

Spiritual Gifts Inventory with DISC Overview

The Values Style Report

Assessing core beliefs and values

The Values Style Report/Profile examines our internal values system by highlighting four areas of importance in life and in the workplace. All four areas are important, but which ones are most important to you?

Benefits: Use Values to help you:

• Discover what motivates someone
• Make quality decisions in hiring
• Understand a person’s willingness to change
• Gauge a person’s need for freedom
• Create teams of complementary values styles
• Develop work environments where people can thrive

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Understanding Values Styles are essential when we want to motivate others. Actions and behavior has underlying instinctual responses (motivators). Actions are only “The tip of the iceberg” but motivations are what is beneath the surface.

How the Values Profile/Report works with other assessments:

  • The DISC Personality System Profile/Report measures our needs-driven motivation while the Values Profile/Report measures our values-driven motivation.
  • The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) Report is also a measure of values, but are more closely related to life passions and interests rather than core values.
  • Personality and life passions may change over time, but Values are often deeply engrained and formed from an early age.

Use the Values System Profile in conjunction with the DISC Personality System, The TEAMS Profile and The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI). Together, DISC, TEAMS, Values and BAI will give you four dimensions of a person. This complete understanding of an individual’s personality, behavior, motivations and passions is the perfect tool for hiring, managing, coaching, teambuilding and so much more.

Values measured in this profile:

  • Loyalty
  • Equality
  • Personal Freedom
  • Justice

Formats: This product is available as a print profile or as an online report.

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