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The Children's DISC + Cognitive Report (Online)

The Children's DISC + Cognitive Report (Online)

The 4D Report: DISC + TEAMS + Values + BAI (online)

The 4D Report: DISC + TEAMS + Values + BAI (online)

The Children's DISC + Perceptual + Cognitive Report (Online)

Extended DISC for Children

This thorough and comprehensive assessment incorporates information regarding your child’s personality, thinking style and perceptual learning style into an invaluable profile. Combining an understanding of how a student thinks, how they learn best, how they perceive information, and what environmental settings are preferential to them, parents (and teachers) can assist them in becoming the best students they can be. Utilizing information from The Children’s Report, The Perceptual Report, and The Cognitive Report, test takers will gain unprecedented insight into how they communicate, why and how they make decisions, and how they can improve their communication and study skills.

The combined assessments can assist in determining the needs, motivations, perceptual and cognitive processes, thinking and decision making, and motivations of the test taker. It creates a language and framework for understanding the complicated subjects of thinking, learning and personality, and is an indispensable resource for children and their parents. Using these three reports together will enable parents to make informed choices about how they can best help their child.

Sections included in the Children’s Report:
  • Introduction to the report and what you and your child will learn
  • Overview of DISC Behavioral Styles
  • Your DISC Style Blend- a description of your child’s specific personality based off of the results of their DISC test
  • Your DISC Graph- the results of your child’s DISC test in graph format
  • Improving Communication- tips for communicating with your child based off of the parent’s personality
  • Intensity of Your DISC Style- shows the characteristics of the intensity of each style within your child
  • Using DISC to Improve Relationships- advice for using your understanding of your child’s personality to improve your relationship with them

Cognitive Report Sections Include:
  • Introduction to cognitive thinking styles
  • ”Your Cognitive Thinking Style” describes your child’s cognitive thinking style’s general characteristics, strengths, areas for growth, how they act and think when they are working in a group or working alone
  • ”How you May Improve Learning” section offers guidance for children with this cognitive style
  • Conclusion and guided reflection questions

Sections included in the Perceptual Report:
  • Perceptual Learning Style introduction- discusses different aspects of each style
  • Your Perceptual Learning Style- A description of your child’s specific perceptual style, how they learn best, and tools for improving their learning
  • Learning tips for your child’s learning style- discusses your child’s strengths, tips for strategies to use during lectures, studying, and test taking
  • Your child’s perceptual graphs- illustrates the intensity of each style within your child
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