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Scholastic Success Report

Scholastic Success Report

International DISC Personality System (Online)

International DISC Personality System (Online)

The Leadership Report

Become a better leader with DISC

The Leadership Report is an essential tool for recognizing and developing leaders in your organization. Remember:

  • Everyone has the ability to lead
  • Each person will lead differently
  • Leadership can be learned
  • Leadership is tied to behavioral style

Use this tool to help you identify and maximize your leaders. Today, succession planning, mentoring and coaching relies on the ability to identify and maximize leadership strengths.
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Leadership Development is key to making sure your successors have the right behavior and skills to lead. PeopleKeys uses the DISC Personality analysis to give you the insight you need into the people in your organization.

Leadership is situational

Remember, each situation calls for a different type of leader. Your CEO is a different type of leader than a manager, and a manager is a different type of leader than a team leader. Each one has to be matched to his/her job to maximize their effectiveness.

The Leadership Report helps you understand how each person leads and in what type of environment they will be most successful. Fully knowing where each leader may need support or growth will also be helpful to give that person the resources he/she will need to be most successful.
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