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The Children's DISC Report (Online)

The Children's DISC Report (Online)

The Children's DISC + Cognitive Report (Online)

The Children's DISC + Cognitive Report (Online)

The Children's DISC + Perceptual Report (Online)

DISC for Children with Learning Style assessment

This report identifies your Child’s DISC Personality style as well as their Perceptual Learning Style, making it an indispensable guide for both parents, tutors and instructors. The Child’s Report offers the child and their parent an understanding of how this child best communicates and learns.

The report introduces DISC personality style analysis as it relates to your child. It incorporates a description of your child’s personality, natural strengths, preferences and the characteristics of their personality style. The report highlights a visual personality graph (with all DISC dimensions) and focuses on the intensity of each behavioral dimension. Overall, DISC analysis offers insight into the mindset of the child, empowering parents to make informed choices about how to motivate, encourage, challenge, and interact with them. The Child’s Report creates a system and language for discussing and understanding the child’s and adult’s differing needs and communication styles and preferences.

By assessing how your child can improve absorption of new information through their senses, the Perceptual Learning Style Report helps a parent, tutor or teacher get the most out of learning time. The Perceptual Report helps determine if your child learns best through auditory, visual, or kinesthetic senses. Parents and teachers can more easily target learning endeavors, study techniques and activities to the natural preferences of the child. The report’s graph helps you visualize how intense the need is for receiving information via each respective sensory channel.

The Child’s DISC analysis together with the Perceptual Report assists parents in appreciating the unique strengths and challenges their child possesses and helps them to create optimal learning environments that target the child’s unique learning style.

To purchase this product, individuals under the age of 14 must obtain parental consent. By making a purchase, you confirm that you are either over the age of 14 or a parent/legal guardian of the person taking the assessment.

Sections included in the Perceptual Report:
  • Perceptual Learning Style introduction- discusses different aspects of each style
  • Your Perceptual Learning Style- A description of your child’s specific perceptual style, how they learn best, and tools for improving their learning
  • Learning tips for your child’s learning style- discusses your child’s strengths, tips for strategies to use during lectures, studying, and test taking
  • Your child’s perceptual graphs- illustrates the intensity of each style within your child

Children’s Report Sections Include:
  • Introduction to the report and what you and your child will learn
  • Overview of DISC Behavioral Styles
  • Your DISC Style Blend- a description of your child’s specific personality based off of the results of their DISC test
  • Your DISC Graph- the results of your child’s DISC test in graph format
  • Improving Communication- tips for communicating with your child based off of the parent’s personality
  • Intensity of Your DISC Style- shows the characteristics of the intensity of each style within your child
  • Using DISC to Improve Relationships- advice for using your understanding of your child’s personality to improve your relationship with them
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