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TEAMS and Values Course (online)

TEAMS and Values Course (online)

Online Training: Coaching 101 Course by Dan Miller

Online Training: Coaching 101 Course by Dan Miller

Online Training: Selling with Personality

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What are the principles of Behavioral Selling?

Learn how understanding people can maximize your effectiveness as a sales person. 
Gain the tools you need to communicate more effectively, persuade and influence others and ultimately close more deals

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Narrated by Sanford G. Kulkin, Ph.D.

Sandy has spent a lifetime equipping individuals for greater effectiveness.  A highly sought after speaker and consultant, Sandy uses his unique blend of humor and personal experience to help individuals, businesses and governments achieve their goals.

Selling With Personality was created to help you apply DISC Behavioral Principles to selling situations.  By understanding your inherent selling style and then learning how to determine and appropriately react to the buying styles of your customers and clients, you will be better able to communicate, motivate, convince and ultimately close more deals, move more product or sell more services.

Every person, buyers and sellers alike, will have their own personality style.  Each person will instinctively act according to their inherent style.  Customers will act out their styles in buying situations.  Salespeople will feel more comfortable selling according to their natural styles.

Being able to identify the personality style of your customers will give you valuable insight you can use to establish rapport, open lines of communication, build trust, motivate and sell.

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