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Scholastic Success Report

Scholastic Success Report

The Leadership Report

The Leadership Report

Relationship Recharge Kit

Boost your relationship with mutual understanding

This kit was designed especially with you in mind! Use the power of DISC along with this insightful book, Body and Soul, written by PeopleKey’s founder Sandy Kulkin, to recharge your relationship with mutual understanding, Biblical principles and better communication.

Kit includes:
  • Body & Soul Book: A Married Couple's Guide to Our Unique Personalities Book
  • A Couples Worksheet (use with 2 DISC Reports)
  • Keycodes good for 2 DISC Online Reports
  • Bundle is a 30% discount off the products sold individually
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More about this Product Bundle

You will receive your book and couples worksheet, and DISC keyodes bundled together. The book is packed with practical information and advice from world-renowned Behavioral Expert, Sandy Kulkin.

You will receive 2 keycodes good for taking 2 DISC assessments and having you and your partner’s personality style’s analyzed through two comprehensive self-interpreting reports.

Bring together your DISC style and the DISC style of your partner with the DISC Couples Worksheet. The worksheet will help you read your graphs and understand where you are strong as a couple and where you may have red flags. Along with the book, these dynamic tools will help you grow as a couple and become more compatible.

DISC Personality Style Reports

The DISC Personality Style Report, identifies one’s communication tendencies, predictable behaviors, environmental preferences, leadership and decision-making abilities, and much more. This comprehensive tool is most often used to increase communication skills. This report includes an overview of an individual’s strengths and potential limitations and includes an action plan worksheet for personal improvement.

Body & Soul: A Married Couple's Guide to Our Unique Personalities

Contrary to popular belief, the quality of intimacy experienced by a couple has less to do with sexual issues and more to do with understanding each other's individual personality styles and unique needs.Discover the secrets to enhancing intimacy and communication with your spouse. Once a husband and wife learn to understand and appreciate each other as they have been created by God, they can truly experience romance and sensual fulfillment. Understanding each other's personality styles can also translate into increased communication, encouragement, acceptance, respect, and love within a relationship.

PeopleKeys DISC Experts

Recognized experts in human behavior, PeopleKeys has more that thirty-five years of experience in the field of Behavioral Analysis. PeopleKeys specializes in understanding behavior and helping its clients and customers unlock human potential in any environment.
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