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The Biblical 3D Report with Spiritual Gifts Inventory: DISC, TEAMS, Values and SGI (online)

The Biblical 3D Report with Spiritual Gifts Inventory: DISC, TEAMS, Values and SGI (online)

PowerPoint Instruction: Understanding DISC Personality Styles (Download)

PowerPoint Instruction: Understanding the 4D Personality System (Download)

Prospecting Success! Training Course

Learn how to prospect successfully with The Prospecting Success! Training Course! 

Any sales process begins with prospecting. Effective prospecting includes 3 elements:

  • Activity: Master the use of key performance indicators (KPI's) and setting SMART goals
  • Attitude: Learn about desire, commitment, responsibility and the five obstacles you need to overcome when prospecting
  • Application: Find answers of what, when and how to maximize your prospecting skills
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What is prospecting in sales?

Step one in any sales process is prospecting - or finding prospects and converting them into actual clients. Prospecting is essential to the success of your business!

Whether you are brand new to sales or an experienced veteran, prospecting is essential to success!

The PeopleKeys® Prospecting Success! Training Course will provide you with the essential information you need to maximize your prospecting ability. Using the principles in this course, even a novice or beginner in sales can quickly experience levels of growth and success that will surpass those of more experienced salespeople. AND experienced salespeople will quickly find that they are able to take their sales ability (and profitability) to the next level.

This course will be taught primarily by Ray Mutchler, an expert in sales and sales training. Ray was a partner in one of the largest and most successful sales training franchises in North America, and continues to work with an impressive client list that includes many of today’s most successful companies.

You will also meet PeopleKeys' President and Co-founder, Dr. Bradley Smith. Author, trainer, consultant and speaker, Brad will get you started on your journey to Prospecting Success!

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