Values Report (Hardcopy)

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Unlock the power of understanding with the hardcopy version of the Values Report—a potent tool that delves into the core beliefs and values shaping an individual's worldview. This comprehensive report explores four pivotal areas in life and the workplace, unraveling the tapestry of what truly matters to the individual. From making informed hiring decisions to motivating team members, the Values Report is a game-changer with multifaceted benefits.

Distinguishing itself from the DISC Report, which measures needs-driven motivation, the Values Report hones in on values-driven motivation. While personalities and passions may undergo transformation over time, values remain deeply ingrained, often rooted in early life experiences.

The Values Report meticulously measures four key values: Loyalty, Equality, Personal Freedom, and Justice. Whether you're in the realms of hiring, management, coaching, or team building, this report is your compass to creating environments where individuals not only survive but thrive. Gain profound insights into the motivational forces shaping behavior, and pave the way for a workplace culture that resonates with the values of each unique individual.


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