TEAMS, Values & BAI Training Course (Online)


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Welcome to the TEAMS, Values & BAI Training Course—a dynamic online program that delves into three powerful assessments, seamlessly integrating them with the renowned DISC Personality System. Uncover the layers of human behavior through the lenses of Thinking Style, Values Style, and the Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI).

Here's a glimpse into what each component brings to your understanding:

TEAMS (Theorist, Executor, Analyzer, Manager, Strategist): Explore the dynamics of your strengths, whether you're navigating individual tasks or contributing to a group. Understand the unique attributes of being a Theorist, Executor, Analyzer, Manager, or Strategist, and leverage this knowledge for effective collaboration.

Values Styles (Personal Freedom, Loyalty, Justice, Equality): Dive into the core of decision-making and internal motivation. Recognize the driving forces behind your choices, shaped by values such as Personal Freedom, Loyalty, Justice, and Equality.

Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI): Peel back the layers to uncover hidden motivators and passions that intricately influence your thoughts and actions. BAI provides a nuanced perspective, allowing you to tap into the deeper currents that guide your behavior.

By combining these assessments, this course offers a holistic understanding of human behavior, equipping you to navigate personal and professional landscapes with clarity and purpose. Join us on this transformative journey, where self-discovery and enhanced interpersonal dynamics await.

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