StudentKeys Leader's Guide: Values Style (Hardcopy)


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Unlock the power of personal values and beliefs with the StudentKeys Leader's Guide: Values Style. As a part of the StudentKeys system (leader's binder), this guide helps students identify their unique values style and internal motivators, such as Personal Freedom, Loyalty, Justice, and Equality. By understanding their internal motivators and what guides their decision making, students can make more informed choices and set realistic goals.

This comprehensive guide walks you through student implementation of the Values Style Assessment, scoring, and helps students identify and understand their style. Designed for counselors, coaches, and consultants, the Values Profile Leader's Guide is a powerful tool for assisting individuals and groups in determining their personal perception of the world around them.

Values determine how we live our lives, affecting everything from the choices we make and the friends we choose, to the career we pursue, our leisure activities, and even the words we say. By using the StudentKeys Leader's Guide: Values Style, you can help your students or clients discover their "personal" values style and appreciate the differences in others. This understanding can become the foundation for building better relationships with the people in their lives.


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