StudentKeys Leader’s Guide: Perceptual Learning Style (Hardcopy)


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Help your students learn better with the Perceptual Learning Style Workbook Leader's Guide. Designed to be used by counselors, coaches, and consultants, this guide assists individuals and groups in identifying their perceptual thinking style as visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.

The 12-page Perceptual Learning Style Workbook identifies an individual's perceptual learning style and explains the differences between the three perceptual styles, offering tips to enhance learning. Research has shown that people respond differently in different learning situations because they perceive differently using the sensory channels through which they give, receive, and store information.

Your primary learning style is your perceptual strength, the way you prefer to interact with information. The three widely recognized perceptual learning styles are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. To get the most out of your education, it is essential to know the differences between these perceptual learning styles, recognize the style that best suits you, and use your understanding to detect different teaching styles. This guide provides expert guidance and practical strategies to help your students learn more effectively based on their unique perceptual learning style.


Free standard shipping on all orders over $100 in the continental U.S.

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