DISC Training Level 1: Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Course (Online)


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Embark on a transformative learning journey with our online course, guided by the seasoned expertise of Dr. Sanford Kulkin, a luminary with over 30 years of experience training thousands in the theory and applications of behavioral assessment. This comprehensive course delves into the fascinating realm of DISC personality testing, providing you with invaluable insights to understand yourself and predict the actions of others.

Upon successful completion of this introductory course, you'll wield the power to maximize personal strengths, navigate around weaknesses, resolve conflicts seamlessly, foster teamwork, and boost productivity. Consider this training not just an investment in yourself, but also in your organization and personal relationships. Armed with new skills, you'll be adept at consulting, managing, counseling, and communicating effectively with others.

It's important to note that while the Introduction to Behavioral Analysis is a foundational course, it doesn't confer behavioral analysis certification. To attain accreditation as a Certified Behavioral Consultant, you'll need to successfully complete a Level 2 training course, such as Advanced Behavioral Analysis or Applied Behavioral Analysis.

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