DISC Training Level 2: Advanced Behavioral Analysis Course - Business Consulting (Online)


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This course is designed for individuals who have already completed the Level 1 course on Introduction to Behavioral Analysis. The Level 2 course is an advanced course that focuses on the interpretation of DISC graphs and their application in business consulting, training, and leadership opportunities.

Advanced Behavioral Analysis covers the theories and case studies on teams, values, and behavioral attitudes, providing participants with a complete knowledge and toolset for detailed personality analysis. The online instruction includes video content, slides, downloadable resources, and workbooks that can be used as a reference even after passing the certification test.

Upon successful completion of both the Intro and Advanced courses, participants will become Certified Behavioral Consultants, which will create new professional opportunities for them. The course is hands-on and applicable to the "people needs" of any business or organization.

Participants will learn to accurately interpret the three graphs of the Personality Profile and apply the information to meet some of the most pressing needs of businesses and organizations today. They will also learn to create a strategic process that improves communication and increases productivity, significantly enhancing their marketability as an expert consultant.

It is important to note that the course does not grant any certification or qualification in psychological counseling, and the publisher is not engaged in rendering professional psychological services. If expert assistance is required, the advice of a licensed professional should be sought.

Overall, DISC Training Level 2: Advanced Behavioral Analysis Course - Business Consulting (Online) provides participants with in-depth training in graph reading and equips them with the know-how to apply the information contained in the profiles to meet the needs of today's businesses and organizations.

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