Children's DISC + Perceptual Report (Online)

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The Children's DISC + Perceptual Report is an essential guide for parents, tutors, and instructors. By combining insights from the DISC Personality Style analysis and Perceptual Learning Style report, this report offers a comprehensive understanding of how your child best communicates and learns.

The DISC Personality Style Analysis provides a detailed description of your child's personality style, natural strengths, and behavioral characteristics. It offers a visual representation of the child's personality through a graph, which highlights the intensity of each behavioral dimension. This analysis empowers parents to make informed choices about how to motivate, encourage, challenge, and interact with their child. The report creates a system and language for discussing and understanding the child's and adult's differing needs and communication styles and preferences.

The Perceptual Learning Style Report assesses how your child absorbs new information through their senses. It helps determine if your child learns best through auditory, visual, or kinesthetic senses. Parents and teachers can then target learning endeavors, study techniques, and activities to the child's natural preferences. The report includes a graph that visualizes the intensity of the child's need for receiving information via each respective sensory channel.

Together, the Child's DISC analysis and the Perceptual Report assist parents in appreciating the unique strengths and challenges of their child and help create optimal learning environments that target the child's unique learning style.

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