Biblical DISC 3D Report with Spiritual Gifts Inventory: DISC, TEAMS, Values and SGI (Online)

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If you're looking for a personality profiling tool specifically designed for Christian applications, look no further than The Biblical DISC 3D Report with Spiritual Gifts Inventory. This online assessment combines the DISC Personality System with Biblical characters and references, providing an extended personality overview for ministry and churches.

The report offers a comprehensive view of an individual's personality, revealing their natural team role, core values, and spiritual gifts for best utilization of one's strengths in ministry. The assessment also provides information about one's behavior, communication preferences, and workplace style.

The Spiritual Gifts Inventory is a unique feature of this tool, providing insight into an individual's calling and gifting according to the Bible. This information can be used to help individuals find their place in the church or ministry and to develop their spiritual gifts further.

Whether you're looking to hire new staff, develop leaders, build effective teams, or promote inner awareness and spiritual development, The Biblical DISC 3D Report with Spiritual Gifts Inventory can help. The report provides a multidimensional view of an individual's personality, making it an invaluable tool for those in the ministry and churches.

The online assessment is easy to use, and the resulting report is thorough and easy to understand. If you're looking to gain deeper insights into your own personality and spiritual gifts or those of your staff or team members, this tool is definitely worth considering.

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