Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) Report (Online)

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Introducing the Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI), an online assessment tool that helps you discover your driving motivators and forces. By gauging your underlying passions and motivations within a specific environment, the BAI provides indispensable insight into your decision-making process, tastes, and behaviors.

With over 300,000 individuals researched, the BAI is perfect for employers seeking to understand how a potential employee might fit into an existing corporate culture and which position they would be internally motivated to excel in. By assessing which tasks, careers, college majors, etc. are naturally aligned with an individual, employers can increase the longevity and productivity of their employees while replicating highly successful employee traits and avoiding the traits of less successful ones.

For individuals, the BAI can help you make informed decisions about your career path, college major, and partner selection by uncovering your internal motivators. Additionally, the BAI increases empathy and understanding by revealing the motivations behind other people's behavior, making it perfect for counseling and coaching applications.

When used in conjunction with The DISC Personality System and The TEAMS and VALUES Profile, the BAI provides a comprehensive personality profile that can be used in hiring, team building, relationship development, goal setting, and career planning. Don't let your underlying motivations go undiscovered – take the Behavioral Attitudes Index today and gain indispensable insight into your decision-making process!

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