PeopleKeys, a global leader in behavioral assessments, is pleased to reveal the new DISCinsights. The relaunch of "The PeopleKeys Store" brings forth a user-friendly interface across all modern devices, streamlining the purchasing of DISC and various other behavioral assessments.

Key New Features:

  • Mobile-First Experience: Discover the convenience of a mobile-first design, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience on your smartphones and tablets.
  • Intuitive Navigation: An upgraded, user-friendly interface for effortless exploration and assessment purchase.
  • Customization of 2D & 3D Reports: The new DISCinsights enables you to customize 2D and 3D reports in combinations previously not possible. Choose combinations such as DISC + TEAMS, DISC + Values, or DISC + BAI for 2D reports, and your choice of DISC + TEAMS + BAI or DISC + TEAMS + Values for 3D reports.
  • Versatile Solutions: Tailored to various needs in business, coaching, leadership, personal growth, education, or ministry, our extensive range of assessments is now impeccably organized. Explore with ease, utilizing the improved search functionalities by collection, product, and topic.

“Our team has been hard at work over the last several months to redevelop DISCinsights with a more intuitive, mobile-first experience to ensure our customers have a seamless experience, especially on the go,” says Brad Smith, President & Co-founder of PeopleKeys. “Finding the right assessments to purchase when you need them is even easier than before.”

DISCinsights is the perfect place to purchase assessments when you only need a few and do not require assessments frequently. PeopleKeys still recommends businesses and organizations purchasing 10 or more assessments to open a complimentary PeopleKeys Business Account, allowing for easy administration and distribution.