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StudentKeys Leader's Guide: Cognitive Thinking Style

StudentKeys Leader's Guide: Cognitive Thinking Style

StudentKeys Leader’s Guide: Goal Setting (Hardcopy)

  • This leader’s guide is a part of the StudentKeys system (leader’s binders)
  • Help students to make connections between personality and achievable goals.
  • Great for high school and college age students to set realistic objectives for their career and personal development.
  • This guide walks you through student implementation of the Goal Setting Workbook.
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This Leader's Guide helps coaches, counselors, and consultants work through the Goal Setting Workbook.

With only about 3% of the population setting goals, using this Leader's Guide to assist others is crucial. Studies show those individuals who set goals will achieve overall better results than those individuals who do not set goals. The Goal Setting Workbook is packed with goal setting/planning information, tips and exercises designed to assist your clients in achieving realistic goals. By using the Leader's Guide, you can encourage others to set goals in the areas of career, educational, leisure and health and design practical objectives for implementing goals.

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