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DISC Certified Behavioral Consultant Online

Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC) Self-Study Course (online)

DISC Certification 2: Applied Behavioral Analysis

DISC Training Level 2: Applied Behavioral Analysis Course (online) - Christian

DISC Training Level 2: Advanced Behavioral Analysis Course - Business Consulting (online)

Advanced DISC application for business and coaching

  • This Level 2 DISC Training & Certification Course is meant to follow the Level 1 Course: Introduction to Behavioral Analysis
  • The Advanced course has a concentration on DISC graph interpretation and business application
  • The upgraded edition includes theory and case studies on TEAMS, Values, and Behavioral Attitudes to provide the complete knowledge and toolset for detailed personality analysis
  • Online instruction includes video content, slides, downloadable resources and workbooks, and the ability to use this course as reference even after you’ve passed the certification test
  • Become a Certified Behavioral Consultant and create new professional opportunities today
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Interested in taking a more in-depth look at the theories and applications of DISC personality assessment? After successful completion of Introduction to Behavioral Analysis, Advanced Behavioral Analysis is the next step in training. This level 2 advanced course teaches participants how to apply the concepts and skills of the DISC system to a wide variety of consulting, training, and leadership opportunities. Advanced Behavioral Analysis goes beyond our Level 1 training to provides in-depth instruction in DISC graph reading. This course equips you with the know-how to apply the information contained in DISC personality profiles to meet some of the most pressing needs of today's businesses and organizations. Applications can range from business consulting and leadership seminars to conducting DISC trainings of your own. The training you receive with Advanced Behavioral Analysis is hands-on and applicable to the "people needs" of any business or organization. Through taking this course, you will gain insights into applying the Personality Profile that otherwise would take several years of consulting and training to achieve.

Successful completion of Advanced Behavioral Analysis will qualify you as a Certified Behavioral Consultant. At the end of this course you will receive a certificate that allows you to use the “Certified Behavioral Consultant” title and sell your training and assessment services as an expert in behavioral analysis.

If you are interested in level 2 training with a Christian perspective, consider Christian Perspectives in Applied Behavioral Analysis as an addition or alternative to this course.

With Business Perspectives in Advanced Behavioral Analysis you will learn to:

  • Open new doors to consulting and training opportunities
  • Use the graphs to resolve some of the most pressing needs of businesses and organizations today
  • Effectively analyze the three graphs of the Personality System Profile and apply what you learn
  • Create a strategic process that improves communications and increases productivity
  • Significantly enhance your marketability as an expert consultant

By learning to accurately interpret the three graphs of the Personality Profile, you can unleash the power of the DISC system and apply the profiles to a variety of consulting, training, leadership development and TQM scenarios. This course provides in-depth training in graph reading and equips you with the know-how to apply the information contained in the profiles to meet some of the most pressing needs of today's businesses and organizations.

Please note: A participant is required to maintain a passing score of at least 80%.

Note: This course does not grant any certification or qualification in psychological counseling. The course is distributed with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering professional psychological services. If expert assistance is required, the advice of a licensed professional should be sought.

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