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The Values Style Report

The Values Style Report

Teams & Values Training Course Bundle #1

Teams & Values Training Course Bundle #1

Spiritual Gifts Inventory with DISC Overview

Biblical DISC Personality Profile with Spiritual Gifts

By asking targeted questions, the Spiritual Gifts Inventory (SGI) analyzes a person’s calling and giftings according to the Bible. Your report will give you an understanding of the role best for your service in church or ministerial environments.

The Spiritual Gifts Inventory also includes a DISC overview and DISC assessment so you can discover your DISC Style and the characterizes of your task vs. relationships dynamic. You’ll learn even more about your personal preferences and how to maximize the positive as well as areas of personal growth.

Available in online report or hardcopy, this product is perfect for church and ministerial areas, church volunteer placement, small church groups, personal development, family development etc.

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The Spiritual Gifts Inventory (SGI) with DISC Biblical Overview is a profound tool that can have major impact on the lives and work of church staff members, church volunteer staff, those who are in ministerial career transition or people just beginning their spiritual journey.

The purpose of this online report or print profile is to give the user a tool to better understand his/her spiritual gifts, natural passions and natural motivations.

The SGI identifies the following 20 Spiritual Gifts:

Administration, Apostle, Craftmanship, Discernment, Evangelist, Exortation, Faith, Giving, Gealing, Helps, Intersession, Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy, Music, Pastor, Prophet, Serving, Teacher, Wisdom

The SGI further examines each Spiritual Gift and gives excerpts from the Bible describing the nature and importance of the gift.

The hardcopy profile version walks you through 10 steps and 2 assessments 1) SGI and 2) DISC so that the user can discover both Spiritual Gifts as well as discovering their natural Personality Style according to the DISC Assessment.

The DISC instrument allows you to generate your DISC graph and discusses your personality preferences and your task vs relationship orientation and other characteristics of DISC Personality Styles. The Online (Report) version goes into more depth regarding DISC personality styles.

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