The Biblical 3D Report with Spiritual Gifts Inventory: DISC, TEAMS, Values and SGI (online)

The Biblical 3D Report with Spiritual Gifts Inventory: DISC, TEAMS, Values and SGI (online)

Managing Stress Online Course

Managing Stress Course (online)

PowerPoint Instruction: Understanding the 4D Personality System (Download)

Ready-to-use PowerPoint Training on the 4D Personality System

Use the PeopleKeys 4D PowerPoint training deck to leverage the power of our most comprehensive and powerful report.

This 50-slide deck provides the user with a comprehensive training resource that covers the following:

  • The Personality System (DISC)
  • Thinking Styles(TEAMS)
  • Core Beliefs (Values)
  • Behavioral Attitudes (BAI)

This PowerPoint can be used as a stand-alone training resource or as a supplement to the Understanding Personality Styles PowerPoint.   

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Get started with confidence and present the principles of observable behavior, communication preferences and decision making of each personality style. The next dimension of personality is revealed by the way we think and the way each thinking style contributes to the team's strengths and their problem-solving competency. Our personal core values are defined by our core beliefs and are the "deal-breaker" you should never underestimate. And lastly but not least, our hidden motivators shape our attitudes and the way one finds satisfaction from the world around us.

Download the slide main content here. This PowerPoint® presentation:

  • Includes presenter's notes to the bottom of each slide
  • It can be used along with the Understanding Personality Styles PowerPoint
  • Allows your clients to follow along with your presentation
  • Is a digital download
  • Before using the PowerPoint in a training or seminar, participants should first take the PeopleKeys 4D assessment to receive their 4d results.
  • Complement your training session with 4D Training Worksheet

Request a PeopleKeys business account to invite multiple people to take DISC assessments at

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