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StudentKeys Leader’s Guide: Career Choice (Hardcopy)

StudentKeys Leader’s Guide: Career Choice (Hardcopy)

StudentKeys: Career Choice (Hardcopy)

StudentKeys: Career Choice (Hardcopy)

The DISC Personality System

The DISC Personality System is recognized as "the universal language of behavior".  The PeopleKeys® DISC is a simple assessment tool yielding profound insight into human actions and behavior by identifying the intensity of four personality traits - Dominance - Influence - Steadiness - and Compliance.

Now you can take the same personality style assessment used by businesses, schools, and governments worldwide. Discovering your personality style will enable you to enhance communication, strengthen relationships, implement predictive hiring processes and increase employee retention, build productive teams and motivate yourself and others. The Personality System is available as an online report or print profile. 

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The new eDISCprofile™ Personality Report, powered by PeopleKeys®, and it’s resulting report provide you with in-depth information about you based on your specific results. Sections include:

  • Introduction – to your personality report 
  • Description – understanding your personality style 
  •  Motivational Characteristics – of your behavioral style 
  •  Historical Characters – who share your style 
  •  Communication – DO's and DONT's 
  •  Communication – worksheet 
  •  Graph page – based on your results 
  •  Action Plan – to improve interpersonal skills 

The purchase of more than one report will NOT link the accounts or assessment results in any way. If you would like to create an account and have others take assessments under your account, please purchase one of our packages or contact us at +1.330.599.5580.

Please download the instructions above where it says "Additional Downloads". You will receive your single-use keycode in an email. Use these to login to the system and take your eDISC Profile™ PeopleKeys® Report.


This comprehensive DISC profile tool is used to determine personality styles for use in counseling (marriage, family, pastoral and individual), human resource management and professional consulting. Perfect for an aide in hiring, developing an effective and cohesive team, leadership training, and many others.

This workbook identifies an individual's personality style, D, I, S, or C by using a simple 24-question profile (takes only 7-minutes!) and helps provide understanding to the differences in people, providing a personal review of each individual's strengths and limitations, and gives an action plan to improve relationships. This profile utilizes three-graph analysis.

Predictive Hiring:

DISC is a method of identifying predictable human behavior. Applied in hiring, it uses personality traits to project candidates' future success based on established industry standards or patterns among current top performers. To utilize predictive hiring with DISC Personality System, contact for additional setup.

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