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Become a Certified Behavioral Life Coach

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Certified Behavioral Life Coach

Your understanding of human behavior lets you read people like a book. Now what?

Become a Certified Behavioral Life Coach (C.B.L.C) and put your skills to work.

What would this accreditation mean for me?

Behavioral Life Coaching is a profession that combines Behavioral Analysis, Life Coaching and Counseling. This powerful approach to the coaching process helps clients solve life issues by analyzing human behavior, personality styles, and utilizing Christian coaching and counseling strategies.

What is the Certified Behavioral Life Coach Certification (CBLC Accreditation)?

The Certified Behavioral Life Coach Certification (CBLC) offered by The Institute for Motivational Living (IML), powered by PeopleKeys® certifies participants to use DISC behavioral analysis and teaches powerful Coaching and counseling strategies all with a Christian world view and accredits them with CBLC designation. Tools to establish a coaching practice from the ground up are also offered to make this certification perfect for people who would like to begin or expand a Christian life coaching practice centered upon DISC behavioral analysis. Participants will be trained to administer and interpret DISC Personality System Profiles and other behavioral instruments published by IML. Graduates of the course will also be able to utilize PeopleKeys online assessment/report delivery system with clients to further utilize DISC in their own life coaching practice.

A major part of the CBLC Certification will be working with Master Coach, Dan Mucci, who will be your guide to joining the growing field of professional life coaching by combining the DISC personality system with comprehensive life coach training. The Certified Behavioral Life Coaching Package will teach participants to:

    Become an expert in behavioral analysis and DISC theory
    Master comprehensive coaching strategies
    Provide healing insights
    Build a business as a successful life coach

Why is Disc certification and accreditation necessary?

If you were looking to hire a consultant for yourself or your business, would you choose someone who was certified or uncertified?

Think about it like this: Would you choose an uncertified financial planner to manage your money? Or an uncertified contractor to build your house? Certification is the only way to show potential clients that you have the right training for the job.

What will I learn in the C.B.L.C. courses?

First Course: Introduction to Behavioral Analysis. You will develop a solid foundation in the DISC Personality Profiling System with the course Introduction to Behavioral Analysis. This course provides a broad range of knowledge and will enable you to interpret DISC graphs, as well as teach and train others in; the history of DISC, recognizing personality styles, improving communication and maximizing personality strengths.

Second Course: Applied Behavioral Analysis. In the second course, take your knowledge of the DISC system to the next level with Applied Behavioral Analysis. Hone your skills by participating in actual cases taken from our Christian consulting files. Become an expert in graph analysis and learn the tips and tools that will make you invaluable as a life coach, consultant or trainer.

Third Course: Comprehensive Coaching Strategies. Join career expert Dan Miller and learn what it takes to be a Coach today. Discover how people are eager for guidance in their relationships, careers, health, education, finances, spiritual vitality and personal development. Learn how you can thrive in the growing field of Coaching where those who can positively impact the lives of others are in increasingly high demand.

What is included in the Certified Behavioral Life Coach Package?

COURSE 1: Level 1 Introduction to Behavioral Analysis includes:

    An overview of DISC theory and how it relates to behavior
    An understanding of dominant personality styles and how they interact
    Training on how to administer and assess DISC behavioral reports and analyze graphs
    A look at various applications of DISC-based analysis from real case studies of group dynamics
    Strategies for implementing positive change based on the results of DISC tests
    An online proficiency exam
    A Certificate of completion

COURSE 2: Level 2 Advanced Behavioral Analysis includes:

    A continuation of the training offered in Level 1 DISC Training
    An in-depth look at additional skills, concepts, and applications of the DISC system not covered in Level 1 DISC Training
    An online proficiency exam
    A focus on how to read behavioral graphs and analyze group behaviors from real business case studies
    A Certificate of completion

Plus you'll receive:

    Customized PeopleKeys Assessment Portal Account and Tutorials for set up
    Marketing tips supplement
    35 DISC Biblical profiles in your custom PeopleKeys account to use with clients
    A dedicated account manager
    A Certificate of DISC certification and CBLC accreditation

How can I make money as a Certified Behavioral Life Coach through IML and PeopleKeys? We have identified at least six ways:

    #1 – Individual Life Coaching Sessions. Use your desire to help people and your God-given insight into people’s lives along with DISC behavioral analysis tools, counseling and coaching techniques to begin or expand a coaching business. Each session you can counsel and coach churches, organizations, companies, individuals and couples who seek spiritual and life guidance.
    #2 - Coaching and Training Income. Earn income through training, speaking, seminars and special projects. We can help you secure daily fees and retainers from $500 to $15,000, depending on your level of expertise. With IML’s Coaching Certification you will be able to earn significantly higher fees.
    #3 - Online Sales. Generate income by allowing visitors to your website to purchase products from our online store. We offer a wide range of behavioral products and assessments, and IML will handle everything from payment processing to order fulfillment. There’s nothing you need to do but collect your commission checks.
    #4 - Train and Certify Others in Behavioral Analysis. Train and certify others in Behavioral Analysis. Train church leaders and administration, professionals, counselors, couples, students, individuals, and anyone who would benefit from self-improvement. Earn up to $300 per individual. One of our veterans enrolled 200 in a single month through seminars contacts. Another averaged one enrollment per day over a period of a year, from email campaigns.
    #5 - Product Sales at Live Events. Become a reseller of IML and PeopleKeys products. Product sales, especially after a speaking or training event, can provide an additional source of revenue. Coaches who use live training as a way to market and promote themselves can turn a “free” training into an opportunity to generate income. IML offers a wide variety of live presentation tools that easily enhance your presentation as well as numerous products that can be resold.
    #6 - Online Reports Powered by PeopleKeys®. PeopleKeys gives you access to one of the most powerful and widely used assessment tools on the market today. With the ability to add your logo and custom content, you can provide clients and customers with reports branded for you. PeopleKeys provides Personality Style Reports suitable for church leaders and members, individuals and couples, hiring, career planning, team building, relationship building, fitness and communication.

Once I've received DISC certification and accreditation, how does PeopleKeys support me as a coach?

You will be assigned to an account manager, who can help you with training, troubleshooting, customization and basic management. If it's a technical or sales issue, your account manager will make sure you're connected to the right person. We also have DISC experts and consultants on staff that can help you with any basic DISC questions or DISC application. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and client support.

Once I'm DISC Certified and have received accreditation as a C.B.L.C., do I ever have to renew my credentials or retake the course?

No. DISC certification does not expire, although we strongly encourage you to stay up to date with webinar trainings and other DISC training materials over time. Retaking the courses after many years have passed is a good idea, but not a requirement.

Can I receive college credit or CEUs for taking the C.B.L.C. course?

College Credits are awarded by Vision International University, Ramona, CA.

Where can I go to register for this C.B.L.C. accreditation?

That's easy. Click and start your new career as a DISC Certified Behavioral Life Coach (C.B.L.C.) today.

PLEASE NOTE: All DISC Certification Training for clients in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong will need to be trained from our affiliate in Asia. Please contact with your name and a brief description of your training needs. Thank you.