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PeopleKeys® has had success in unlocking human potential through behavioral analysis for over 35 years. As a world leader in customized behavioral assessments and delivery systems, PeopleKeys® prides itself on delivering excellent customer service, an international platform, and the most customizable and tailored solutions around.


We are a global technology company focusing on innovative and comprehensive behavioral solutions


Our technology allows us to be the largest provider of customized behavioral solutions worldwide.

We are a service provider with cutting edge delivery solutions, such as our PeopleKeys® SaaS-based application and API, customized Learning Management Systems, online training portals, and PeopleKeys® brand websites. Our team of developers and behavioral experts can assess your professional needs and build a customized solution that is tailored especially for you.

PeopleKeys® has partnered with the Institute for Motivational Living to deliver the best behavioral solutions around. The Institute for Motivational Living consists of the research team, think tank, writers and publishers of all behavioral materials and behavioral courses supplied exclusively by PeopleKeys® technology & delivery systems, PeopleKeys® brand websites, and provided through PeopleKeys® training, certification and accreditation courses. PeopleKeys® consultants and trainers are experts in customized behavioral solutions, building a perfect fusion between technological solutions, behavioral training and assessments, and expertise in DISC & behavioral applications.

For decades, PeopleKeys® and the Institute for Motivational Living have worked together with the DISC Personality System. This simple, yet profound methodology has been a well of insight into human motivation, compatibility, communication, diversity, and self-awareness for PeopleKeys® and it’s DISC users. There are no areas of home or work life for which DISC cannot benefit or be applied to enhance relationships, inform decisions, or improve mutual understanding.

While DISC’s deep theoretical underpinnings make it a valid and reliable diagnostic tool, it is the analysis and application of the theory that PeopleKeys® provides which distinguishes it from other DISC publishers and service providers. Additionally, PeopleKeys® and the Institute for Motivational Living have ventured into other areas of behavioral analysis, such as thinking styles, learning styles, personal passions, and team interactions for a truly 4-dimensional view at an individual or team's behavior.

Whether it’s a corporate, an educational, or a faith-based environment, PeopleKeys® can assist you in behavioral solutions for:

  • Hiring
  • Staff Training & Orientation
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Training
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Career Guidance & Strengths Identification
  • Communication Enhancement

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