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Certified Behavioral Consultant Christian Focus

Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC) DISC Certification - Christian Focus (online)

The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) (Online)

The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) (Online)

The 2D Report: DISC + Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) (online)

Internal motivators and driving forces

The DISC Personality System and The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) together create an unparalleled, insightful analysis focusing on Behavior and Life Passions.

Combining both DISC and BAI assessments, this product offers extensive insight into the personality, needs, internal motivators, environmental preferences, and underlying passions that guide an individual’s thinking, communicating and behavior.  It is exceptionally suited to help managers use the advantages of the predictive hiring processes and place people in environments that allow them to thrive and excel.

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This DISC and BAI Report Includes:

DISC Personality System

  • This highly-validated personality profile identifies a person’s predictable behaviors, environmental and task preferences, primary needs-based motivations, communication styles, how they make decisions, leadership and organizational skills, as well as other additional predictable and observable behaviors.
  • The profile incorporates an overview of each individual’s strengths and areas for improvement and comes with a goal setting worksheet for personal improvement. 
  • Use the DISC Personality System to understand and identify the Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Conscientious personality styles. 

The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI)

  • The Behavioral Attitudes Index profiles the underlying passions, motivations, and interests of an individual for a particular environment. A person’s behavioral attitudes are the thoughts and feelings that unwittingly shape every choice that individual makes. 
  • The BAI assesses which behavioral attitudes (I-SPEAK) that person is likely to spend their energy on - Inner Awareness/Spiritual, Economic/Tangible, Artistic/Innovative, Power/Political, Social/Humanitarian, and Knowledge/Proficiency. 
  • When a person’s behavioral attitudes correspond with the task or environment, that person is naturally inclined to be more motivated and will find more longevity within a position. 

Use the DISC and BAI assessments and analysis for Predictive Hiring:

  • Benefit from our research on 300,000+ people to utilize our discoveries regarding what causes some people to be happier and more successful at their job. 
  • Comprehend why a person makes specific choices and decisions, and be able to predict future behavior and decisions 
  • Gain empathy toward individuals and create a climate of understanding within a team by creating a common language for discussing problems
  • Understand the underlying factors that guide a person’s preferences, behaviors, and choices 
  • Gain indispensable insight into a candidate’s fit within a company culture, and be able to anticipate which positions are aligned with tasks they are naturally motivated toward excelling within
  • Increase the longevity and productivity of employees 
  • Replicate highly successful employee’s traits & behaviors to avoid replicating the traits of less successful employees. 
  • To implement predictive hiring with the 2D Report: DISC + Behavioral Attitudes Index, contact for additional setup.

Recommended Applications: Hiring, Team Building, Leadership Development, Coaching and Counseling applications

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