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Use 4D Hiring Reports to Hire Top Performers

Identify 4 Dimensions

Contributing to Employee Success

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You know your top performers. Let us show you how to discover those same qualities in candidates when they apply for your positions.

Peoplekeys® 4D Hiring Reports reveal critical soft skills to predict employee success

  • Hiring managers, replicate the traits that make your employees great.
  • Reduce turnover and increase employee retention
  • Create work environments so people can thrive and produce
  • Benchmark jobs and the qualities it takes fto find success in those roles
  • Filtering candidates with 4D delivers a short list of candidates that meet your job's behavioral benchmarks.
  • Place people in areas of their strengths and passions

With performance Benchmarks you can use your PeopleKeys Account to filter candidates simply with red, yellow, and green lights

4D Hiring reports Explore Four Dimensions of Workplace Behavior to Predict Success

CEOs and Mangers...
  • Do you want to reduce the time you have to filter candidates?
  • Does your business suffer from high turnover?
  • Do you rely mostly on your "gut" instincts for hiring decisions?
  • Would you benefit by having interview questions based upon the intensity of a candidate's behavioral dimensions?
  • Would you like to "replicate" your best employees?
  • Do you want to identify leadership qualities?
  • Does your office suffer from bad or miscommunication?
  • Could you reduce workforce moral issues?
  • Could your teams be more well-balanced, motivated and productive?
  • Would you like your employees to be placed in areas of their strengths?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions,
you would benefit form 4D Hiring Reports

Benchmarks appear on all graphs in you 4D Reports

see grey area under graph points in example below

The Problem

Hiring new employees in today's economy is changing as the economy changes. We have been experiencing hiring cycles with increased challenges due to increased unemployment and in some occupations, high turnover.

First, with such an influx of applicants, how can HR filter through and find the best candidates? Secondly, with turnover being so expensive, how can HR make the hire that will succeed and thrive within a company?

Employee turnover is very costly, making employee retention a fiscal goal for companies today. The society for Human Resource Mangement (SHRM) estimates it costs $3,500 to replace a minimum wage employee when you factor the costs of recruiting, hiring, training, lost productivity, and lost sales. Other sources provide estimates of 30-50% of annual salary of entry-level employees. With businesses also struggling in this economy, it is too expensive to risk making a hiring mistake.

The Solution

4D Reports help you have insight into these areas:
    Assessment.........................Value to Management understand relational and communication strengths understand how a person best thinks and fulfills a role on a team understand the individual's core work values and motivations understand a person's passions and driving forces