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StudentKeys: Goal Setting (Hardcopy)

StudentKeys: Goal Setting (Hardcopy)

StudentKeys: Values Style (Hardcopy)

StudentKeys: Values Style (Hardcopy)

StudentKeys: Cognitive Thinking Style

Understanding How You Think

This assessment-workbook identifies a student's Cognitive Style to better understand how they process new information. By understanding the ways they prefer to think, students make the best use of their study time.

Perfect for high school or college age students, and helps them to recognize their strengths and gain cognitive guidance before venturing out into the stresses of advanced learning.

The Leader's' Guide is an optional handbook for facilitating classroom learning sessions.

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The Cognitive Thinking Style workbook and online report discusses and answers many questions facing students as they prepare to excel in the classroom. It helps them realize what their strengths are in relation to how they process information, and how to maximize how they learn in relation to how they think.

The included assessment uses an unique four (4) category ranking system to provide information focused on a student's cognitive style and studying personality.

Included in the workbook and online report are an in depth analysis of your Cognitive Style and ways you may improve learning in relation to your Cognitive Thinking style.

The Cognitive Thinking Style workbook and online report is an individual component of the StudentKeys system, which helps students advance from the High School or secondary school level to College or post-secondary, and vocational levels. It also helps the students already at the College level to improve and excel academically.

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