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You know your top performers. Let us show you how to discover those same qualities in candidates when they apply for your positions.

Hiring new employees in today’s economy is ever-changing. Hiring managers are faced with increased challenges, as unemployment and turnover rates in some occupations have increased. First, with an influx of candidates, how can human resources filter through to find the best candidates? Secondly, with turnover being so costly, how can HR managers make the right hire to succeed and thrive within a company? It’s too expensive to risk making a hiring mistake.

Hire right the first time with PeopleKeys® predictive hiring reports:

  • Reveal a candidate’s personality strengths/limits and work team compatibility.
  • Reduce turnover, and increase employee retention.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by understanding their values, motivations, and life passions.
  • Ensure workplace culture fit and harmony.
  • Replicate your top employees and increase candidate fit by utilizing performance benchmarks.
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No longer rely on your “gut instinct” for hiring decisions. Explore up to 4 dimensions of workplace behavior for hiring success.

PeopleKeys’ DISC predictive analysis tools can help you hire better:

  • Reduce the time it takes to filter candidates
  • Receive customized interview questions, based upon the intensity of a candidate’s revealed personality style
  • Replicate your star employees through performance benchmarks
  • Identify leadership qualities
  • Improve inter-office communication, team compatibility and harmony
  • Improve employee motivation and productivity
  • Place employees in the right position for best utilizing their strengths

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Use performance Benchmarks with your PeopleKeys Account to filter candidates simply with red, yellow, and green lights.

Benchmarks appear on all graphs in your 4D Reports.

See grey area under graph points in example below:

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4D Hiring Report

Occupational Performance Benchmarks help you replicate and hire your top talent.

Completely legal and defensible for hiring, the PeopleKeys DISC system reveals candidate strengths, and with the addition of performance benchmarks, objectively filters candidates with a red, yellow, green stop-light system based on how well their results match those of the chosen job role.

Learn More About Occupational Benchmarks

Contact us to add occupational benchmarks to your PeopleKeys business account

Assessment Benefit to Hiring Manager Recommended Predictive Hiring Tool
DISC Personality Assessment Reveal and understand relational and communication strengths DISC Personality System
TEAMS Reveal and understand how a person best thinks and fulfills a role on a team 2D: DISC + TEAMS
Values Reveal and understand an individual's core work values and motivations 3D: DISC + TEAMS + Values
BAI Reveal and understand an individual's passions and driving forces 4D: DISC + TEAMS + Values + BAI

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