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Why do small business fail? 30% are due to employee theft! Many people are unaware that there are many different forms of employee theft. It has been found that employees often “steal” from the company by falsifying their time records and not being productive while on the clock. Theft of supplies is another heavy cost to a business. Whether it be a restaurant and employees are taking food without paying, or an office where employees are taking the office supplies; these costs add up significantly. In more serious circumstances, the theft is strictly monetary.

This can be combated without having to micro-manage. Firstly, pre-screening employees with background checks allows you to ensure that you are not hiring those with criminal pasts. Immediately lessening chances of theft or being taken advantage of. Secondly, you can profile those you hire, allowing the management to gain an understanding of this person’s tendencies and personality style, and especially which factors might lower their morale to the point of passive aggression against the company, potentially in the form of theft.

Small to medium sized companies especially cannot afford the cost of theft and lost productivity, the small price up front is well worth it in the end. It is very important that management becomes aware of how severe the consequences of hiring untrustworthy employees can be. Get to know your employees background before you entrust them in your company.

We suggest the following solutions for preventing employee theft:

Put your potential hires through Pre-Screening Background Checks, which depending on volume, can range from as little as $12.95 to $8.95 per person. Each check is instant and shows results in the following six areas:

  • Criminal Search of All 50 States & D.C.
  • Sex Offender Search of All 50 States & D.C.
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Social Security Number Death Index Search
  • Name and Address Search – 10 year history
  • Alias Search of Criminal and Sex Offender Databases
  • Have your potential employees and current employees engage in DISC personality profiling for deeper insight of their predictable behaviors, communication tendencies, tendencies towards aggression or passive aggression, and what motivates them or de-motivates them. Understanding your employees and teams is the first step to improving morale, predicting behaviors, improving productivity, and avoiding potential theft.

    Train HR staff in the DISC personality system, allowing them to continue hiring wisely and conducting morale increasing exercises with the staff.