DISC Hiring Reduces Turnover


DISC Hiring

Reducing Turnover

50% of forecasted sales are lost due to sales force turnover. The sales team is the face and hands of your company. They extend their hand to new customers, making them feel comfortable and welcome; they are also the mouth of the company, explaining your products and services, extending a smile, and building trust. Some sales cycles are long, and it takes an extended period of time for a salesperson to get to understand a company or person’s struggle, establish trust, and negotiate the right solution. When a sales person turnovers in the middle of any sales cycle, whether it be at the beginning, the middle or the close, you lose all of the rapport, trust, and follow-up that was created with that person; most likely leading to lost sales.

Furthermore, employee turnover is very costly to a company. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates that it costs $3,500 to replace an $8 per hour employee when factoring the costs of recruiting, hiring, training, lost productivity, and lost sales. This was one of the lowest estimates of 17 nationally respected companies who calculated this cost. Other sources provide estimates of 30-50% of annual salary of entry-level employees, 150% of middle level employees, and up to 400% for specialized, high level employees. With businesses also struggling in this economy, it is too expensive when you make a hiring mistake, which ultimately leads to employee turnover.

We suggest one of these techniques for hiring your sales team:

Filter all potential hires, or at least those you intend to interview, through the DISC Sales Style personality profile. By understanding the predictable behaviors, communication styles, strengths within a team, and preferences in the workplace, one can hire the right person for the work environment, which will help them to succeed. By understanding their sales style, you’ll know whether they are a match for the type of sales you are doing, and whether they are compatible with this type of selling. Also, by management understanding these characteristics of an employee up-front, they can place them in a position to succeed, understand what motivates them and increases their loyalty and productivity, while decreasing their chances of turnover through understanding and compatibility. Hiring with DISC profiles also includes the option of customized interview questions for an applicant based on their specific style, and potential strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.

Further filter employees by having them complete the 3D: DISC, TEAMS, and Values Profile. This will you not only provide an understanding of personality, communication styles and predictable behaviors, but also their thinking styles, potential strengths within a team, and workplace values. When these items do not align with those of the company or team, one can avoid conflict before it begins. Even if there is a good fit, the management and team can approach the new employee with a deeper understanding of where he or she can succeed.

For a clear match, go through the Perfect Match Hiring Process Each DISC hiring package is pre-loaded with standard industry benchmarks, which indicate an ideal personality range for different career clusters. Each potential or current employee put through this process will have their personality style compared to the ideal range, either resulting in a green, yellow, or red match for the position according to communication, what motivates a person, attention to detail, decision making ability, and more.

When looking for the ideal hiring solution, we would like to suggest hiring a PeopleKeys consultant. We can create a customized performance benchmark for any position based on your specific criteria, as well as other performers in this area who have succeeded or struggled. Build an occupational benchmark based on your most successful sales people and never guess when hiring again.

Train your Human Resources staff in the art of hiring with knowledge of personality style. PeopleKeys conducts live and online trainings to help your hiring staff become on-site experts in behavioral analysis and hiring right the first time to reduce employee turnover.

Aside from hiring, DISC is great for both team building and sales training. If one understands the personality style they are selling to, which allows an instant understanding of one’s tendencies, annoyances, and fears, then one can alter their presentation accordingly, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of people as they relate to the aspects of sales (speaking with confidence & enthusiasm, making friends and supporting customers, and giving information, facts, and statistics).

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