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Your Team Dynamics

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"Where there’s an agreement, there is power,"says Dr. Sandy Kulkin. Teams that are united by a common understanding of each other’s communication preferences, workplace styles, and use the strengths of each member in a balance are the teams who not only know how to work together but are more effective and successful.

Measure the pulse of your team

  • A tool to combine and analyze the individual DISC styles of your team members
  • Provides understanding how everyone’s personality style affects the group communication and workstyle
  • Provides recommendations for enhanced performance

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Building successful teams…

has never been easier with DISC. A 5-step process ensures that you may avoid and resolve a myriad of issues that other teams face: miscommunication, lack of trust, low morale, and high employee turnover, just to name a few. The steps include:

  1. Define the personality style of every team member
  2. Find out your group dynamics
  3. Capitalize on team strengths
  4. Ensure a fit with your company culture
  5. Hire to fill the gaps.

5 Keys to Effective Teams

With more than 35 of experience in helping companies of all sizes maximize team effectiveness, we have identified 5 keys common to all effective teams:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Common Goals
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance

Each of the keys to effective teams requires you to know the personality style, natural team role, values and behavioral attitudes of yourself and your team members.

Well-Rounded Teams

Each personality style brings specific strengths and benefits to the team. The most effective teams are those comprised of people who possess differing strengths and more importantly, the ability to identify and apply those strengths appropriately.



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