Certified Behavioral Consultant PLUS (CBC+) Course (online)

Certified Behavioral Consultant PLUS (CBC+) Course (online)

The TEAMS Role Report

The TEAMS Role Report

PowerPoint Instruction: Understanding DISC Personality Styles (Download)

Understanding Personality Styles DISC PowerPoint Training

  • This PowerPoint Training includes 81 slides for DISC Training.
  • Learn about the development and methodology of the DISC Personality System.
  • Gain an understanding of each DISC personality style strengths, limits and greatest fears.
  • This is a great tool for coaches/consultants or organizations who use DISC.
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A Professional-quality PowerPoint® presentation:

  • Add your presenter's notes to the bottom of each slide
  • This PowerPoint Presentation can be used along with the Personality System Workbook. The Personality System workbook does not contain a DISC assessment.
  • Allows your clients to follow along with your presentation.
  • A digital download will be sent to your email available in PPT and PPTX formats.
  • Before using the PowerPoint in a seminar, participants should first take their DISC assessment.
  • DISC Personality System Print Profile
  • DISC Personality System Online Report
  • Request a PeopleKeys business account to invite multiple people to take DISC assessments at sales@peoplekeys.com.

This newly revised and updated PowerPoint presentation is a must-have for trainers and presenters!Includes the following slides:

  • slide 1: Title Slide
  • slide 2: People are Different, Predictably Different
  • slide 3: Development of DISC
  • slide 4: Empodocles
  • slide 5: Hippocrates
  • slide 6: Carl Jung
  • slide 7: William Marston
  • slide 8: Contributing Factors
  • slide 9-15: Trust Model
  • slide 16-25: Behavioral Principles
  • slide 26: Learning About My Style
  • slide 27: Online Reports
  • slide 28: The DISC Personality System
  • slide 29: Style Characteristics
  • slide 30-34: The D Style
  • slide 35-39: The I Style
  • slide 40-44: The S Style
  • slide 45-49: The C Style
  • slide 50: Behavioral Characteristics
  • slide 51: Characteristics of the D
  • slide 52: Characteristics of the I
  • slide 53: Characteristics of the S
  • slide 54: Characteristics of the C
  • slide 55: D Personal Growth Areas
  • slide 56: I Personal Growth Areas
  • slide 57: S Personal Growth Areas
  • slide 58: C Personal Growth Areas
  • slide 59: Style Characteristics of the D
  • slide 60: Style Characteristics of the I
  • slide 61: Style Characteristics of the S
  • slide 62: Style Characteristics of the C
  • slide 63: Building Effective Relationships
  • slide 64-67: Relating for the D
  • slide 68-71: Relating for the I
  • slide 72-75: Relating for the S
  • slide 76-79: Relating for the C
  • slide 80: Becoming a Certified Behavioral Consultant
  • slide 81: 4 Dynamics of Awareness Report

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