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"Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths," points out John Peter Zenger and we cannot agree more! The first step in leadership development is self-awareness. How do you get results? Identifying your leadership impact is critical to building rapport with your team.

Provide your talent with the tools to become the best leaders possible:

  • Leaders at every level can benefit from powerful behavioral insights gained.
  • Learn how to apply DISC to manage, motivate, and increase employee engagement.
  • Reveal your strengths, your behavior under stress, and discover new ways to inspire and drive your team.
  • Receive actionable and practical insights you can use immediately with your staff.

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It is increasingly important today to develop your leaders:

Each day as thousands of Baby Boomers retire from the workforce, organizations are being squeezed for leadership. It's important to assess your employees to ensure you are continuously discovering, empowering and activating leadership behaviors and practices. Developing your managers into leaders will empower the growth and retention of your work force.

Leadership is a learned skill:

Fortunately, leadership styles are not set in stone, but are adaptable to situations, various environments, change over time and are affected by nature and nurture. More importantly, leadership assessment should be used as a tool for personal growth to maximize your leadership strengths and encourage growth in underutilized behavioral areas.


Your Leadership Report

Some of the features and advantages of implementing the Leadership Report by PeopleKeys include:

  • Ability to customize the report with your corporate branding
  • It takes less than 15 minutes to complete an assessment
  • Is personalized and instantly generated
  • Utilizes DISC Personality Method developed by Marston
  • Applies Power-DISC to isolate leadership dimensions
  • Is available online 24/7 through your branded account and instantly generated
  • Behavioral certification available to maximize report insights

Includes Power-DISC:

Your report includes a Power-DISC page providing insight into the intensity of your leadership capacities in the areas of:

  • Directing
  • Detailing
  • Creating
  • Relating
  • Persisting
  • Processing
  • Influencing