DISC Certification & Accreditation: Certified Behavioral Consultant

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Certified Behavioral Consultant
DISC C.B.C Consultant

Your understanding of human behavior lets you read people like a book. Now what?

Become a Certified Behavioral Consultant (C.B.C.) and put your skills to work.

What would this accreditation mean for me?

Not everyone can call themselves a Certified Behavioral Consultant (C.B.C.). This title is only given to individuals that have received the highest level of training in behavioral analysis possible. A Certified Behavioral Consultant knows more than just the basic theories of human behavior. They have advanced training in behavioral analysis that qualifies them as an accredited expert in the field. A Certified Behavioral Consultant is qualified to use their skills for a wide array of practical (and profitable) applications. When you are certified in behavioral analysis, clients will seek your services to help:

    Recognize problematic patterns of behavior
    Sharpen communication skills
    Gain greater self-awareness
    Develop sensitivity to the needs of others
    Deal with stress
    Learn motivational and team building techniques
    Become more successful in their personal and professional relationships
    Increase productivity and efficiency
    Strengthen sales
    Understand how DISC-based personality assessment works
    Use DISC theories of human behavior to grow their businesses and organizations
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Why is Disc certification and accreditation necessary?

If you were looking to hire a consultant for yourself or your business, would you choose someone who was certified or uncertified?

Think about it like this: Would you choose an uncertified financial planner to manage your money? Or an uncertified contractor to build your house? Certification is the only way to show potential clients that you have the right training for the job.

Certification has three major benefits:

Resume Booster

Attracts Clients

Increases Marketability

The bottom line: Consultants are in great demand, and their popularity continues to grow. With certification, you stand out above the competition.

What is included in the Certified Behavioral Consultant Package?

Level 1 Introduction to Behavioral Analysis includes:

    An overview of DISC theory and how it relates to behavior
    An understanding of dominant personality styles and how they interact
    Training on how to administer and assess DISC behavioral reports
    A look at various applications of DISC-based analysis
    Strategies for implementing positive change based on the results of DISC tests
    An interactive online Digital Chalk account
    A customizable PeopleKeys account
    An online proficiency exam

Level 2 Business Perspectives in Advanced Behavioral Analysis includes:

    A continuation of the training offered in Level 1 DISC Training
    An in-depth look at additional skills, concepts, and applications of the DISC system not covered in Level 1 DISC Training
    A focus on how to to create a successful consultation business
    An online advanced proficiency exam
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How do I become a Certified Behavioral Consultant?

PeopleKeys strongly believes that certification in behavioral analysis should only be achieved after students are thoroughly trained in the theory and application of DISC theory, and have received advanced instruction in how to use that knowledge to work with clients. Therefore, PeopleKeys only gives certification is to individuals that have completed both Level 1 and Level 2 DISC training, and have scored 80% or higher on introductory and advanced proficiency exams. Successful completion of both courses comes with a certificate of accreditation that allows graduates to market their services as a Certified Behavioral Consultant.

Why should you choose the PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Consultant training package?

If certification is your goal, why purchase two levels of training separately when you can buy them together at a huge savings? Our Certified Behavioral Consultant training package bundles together the introductory and advanced levels of behavioral analysis training, along with a host of added perks and bonuses. PeopleKeys offers a simple, effective, and economic path to certification. Our Certified Behavioral Consultant training package is now being offered for $895.

The total retail value of this package is $1349, plus the value of consulting time, account management, you save well over $600!

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How long will it take me to complete both courses?

Each course has roughly 4 hours of video content (8 hours total). The course is self-paced, so the time it takes to complete the course depends solely on how much time you spend on it and how often.

Once I've received DISC certification and accreditation, how does PeopleKeys support me as a consultant?

You will be assigned to an account manager, who can help you with training, troubleshooting, customization and basic management. If it's a technical or sales issue, your account manager will make sure you're connected to the right person. We also have DISC experts and consultants on staff that can help you with any basic DISC questions or DISC application. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and client support.

Once I'm DISC Certified and have received accreditation as a C.B.C., do I ever have to renew my credentials or retake the course?

No. DISC certification does not expire, although we strongly encourage you to stay up to date with webinar trainings and other DISC training materials over time. Retaking the courses after many years have passed is a good idea, but not a requirement.

If I previously received DISC Certification by taking the Introduction to Behavioral Analysis, Level 1 DISC Training, am I still certified?

Yes. The curriculum rules for certification changed as of September 2012. Anyone who took the Level 1 DISC Training prior to that still maintains DISC Certification. However, we strongly encourage completing the second level of training and receiving your C.B.C. accreditation.

If I previously received DISC Certification by taking the Level 1 DISC Training, can I purchase the remaining elements of the Certified Behavioral Consultant package to receive accreditation without having to re-purchase the Level 1 DISC Training?

We will give you all components of the C.B.C. package (minus the Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Course) for half price, assuming you've already completed or purchased this course. You must call us to place this order.

If I've previously completed both the Level 1 and Level 2 DISC Training Courses, can I receive accreditation as a C.B.C.?

Yes. Call PeopleKeys and let them know that you've completed Level 1 and 2 training and would like documentation for accreditation. There will be a $15 charge for the documentation to be created and sent.

Where can I go to sign up for this DISC training and DISC certification package, complete with C.B.C. accreditation?

That's easy. Click and start your new career as a DISC Certified Behavioral Consultant (C.B.C.) today.